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It takes a lot to settle an estate.

Executors must deal with a variety of individuals, companies, and government offices to carry out their tasks, often at a time when they are grieving a personal loss. 

We can help you deal with the complexities of estate administration and connect you with the resources you need. We work with a network of professionals, including lawyers, realtors, accountants and appraisers, and can help you navigate your role as executor.

We serve a broad range of clients, from spouses who need help with settling their partner's estate, to adult children dealing with their parent's estate, to executors who lack the time and expertise to take on the responsibility.


Here is how we can help:

We can help

with each

step of the



Executors are often left feeling overwhelmed and confused by their duties and responsibilities. We can help you with each step of the process, including the following:


  • Communicate directly with family members and beneficiaries 

  • Assist with funeral arrangements

  • Assist with securing the required probate, tax and financial documents

  • Assist with ascertaining the required statement of assets and liabilities

  • Assist with notifying various government agencies and financial institutions

  • Assist with coordinating with a lawyer and accountant to determine tax and creditor liability

  • Assist with completion of necessary forms for eligible death benefits (Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit), life insurance and designated investments​

  • If necessary, retain help from a law firm to assist in the court process for obtaining Grant of Letters Probate 

Executor's Agent

We can help

you create a strategy. 


Maybe you just need a little guidance and support. Here is what we can do:

  • Help you better understand your role as an executor and what options are available to you

  • Assist in creating a methodical plan to manage your tasks as an executor

  • Help connect you to other services and professionals you may need

Estate Planning and Strategy

We can help

with the "stuff". 


As executor, it is your duty and responsibility to secure the home and personal effects of the deceased. After gifting any items to loved ones in accordance with the deceased's wishes, you may be left with a home full of "stuff" to be cleared out. We can help in the following ways:

  • Assist in identifying special pieces that may need appraisal

  • Make arrangements for special treatment for those items

  • Organize and secure necessary papers and shred unnecessary papers

  • Organize the removal of unsellable items either for charity or disposal

  • Have all remaining items efficiently and transparently sold, utilizing Maxsold's auction industry-leading platform. Click here to see their upcoming auctions.

Settlemn of Belongings

Each situation is unique.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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